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All of our classes focus on Internal Martial Arts. 

What is the difference between INTERNAL and EXTERNAL martial arts?

It is NOT about being hard or soft in style...they actually have DIFFERENT GOALS. 

Internal vs. External are categories expressing where you place your focus.

External style is translated as "Outside as Home". Meaning that your HOME...your MAIN OUTSIDE.  So your are using your energy inside for the body outside, like doing cardio, running, lifting weights, and all the martial arts that burn the internal fuel to make your physical body stronger. This is like the 'TAO' route. As you practice this style, the more you are using your body and burning the fuel inside. Practicing this way can cause you to feel tired and drained, but you could gain strength physically for your expenditure.

INTERNAL styles are different. You are cultivating from the EXTERIOR back to the INSIDE as the HOME now (As depicted in this beautiful calligraphy done by Jee SiFu). So it is basically the opposite...the 'TE' route. You are putting things back in from this world to your heart. Putting the postnatal things back to the prenatal and therefore replenishing your source of life, making your life better. The internal style preserves and prolongs your life and health. The more you practice this style, the more you are energized and happy because your inside is getting energized. 

There is a lot of focus on breathing in this style because it allows you to bring energy from outside in to your body. 

Internal style is rooted from the heart and it must be driven and guided by the proper intention, energy flow, breath, structure and theory/wisdom. You have to understand the theory so that you understand how to use the breathing patterns and your body to command the energy to work.

Use the martial art to get into the TAO

Use the martial art to get into the TAO


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Internal Martial Arts

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