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Taoist Healing Treatment

These sessions are personalized and performed by both of us together. They utilize techniques both on and off the body that remove blockages at the deepest level.

There are 3 options for treatment:

SMALL - This option is typically reserved for disciples that are currently training with us. We already work with them daily so a consultation is not necessary

$100 Heart of Appreciation

MEDIUM - This option is for those who only require a short consultation, FU infused tea and healing treatment

$140 Heart of Appreciation

LARGE - This option is for those who require a consultation, FU infused tea or water, healing treatment, body sealing, and protection FU to carry or to place in the home.

$180 Heart of Appreciation

What to expect: 

  • Consultation - Discussion and evaluation of the body’s condition. We are experienced at identifying physical/structural and energetic conditions the body is showing that need to be addressed.
  • Personalized Therapies: FU Talisman, Energywork, physical movement and breathwork (Hei Gong) customized to individual treatment.

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Taoist House Cleansing Ceremony

The removal of any kind of spiritual energies that are blocking the flow of the natural energy circulation of your house. Most people have heard of Fung Shui which is actually about seeing, sensing, and working with and clearing the blockages in the channels between the 9 Stars or dimensions so that the energy in your living or workplace flow smoothly.

Just like on the physical level your house will get dusty, cluttered and messy, your house will also get “dirty” due to the venting of emotions and feelings. As these energies accumulate in the house those feelings can build up and greatly affect our lives. These can manifest in ways like sudden outbursts of anger for no apparent reason which could lead to breakups in relationships or strained relationships between parents and children and poor health.  In our lineage we talk about the Faat Sum, or Energy Heart, which gives off feelings and makes us think. You can relate this feeling to what you would call your “gut instinct/feeling”. This can do you a lot of good or harm depending how energetically healthy it is. This heart senses the energies around you, to include your house and workplace. If your house is clogged with all these vented energies your Faat Sum will be acting weird due to soaking in all these energies which will affect your thinking, emotions, the way you talk, act and your overall health and well-being.

The Taoist House Cleansing Ceremony, or Chut Saat, will help to reset the energy flow of the house and clear away these obstacles and stuck energy pollution from your house so that you can start to feel, think and live better.

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Private Lesson

If you really want to feel the best you've felt in years, and you want personalized instruction, structure and motivation then schedule now for your private lesson.

If you've been wanting to begin, but you're anxious to attend a class or get a healing treatment, this is the option for you. All you have to do is let us know what is going on physically and/or emotionally, and we can work with you privately.

Private sessions allow for individualized training as well as opportunities for personalized feedback and questions. Private sessions are scheduled by appointment and either one of us is available to teach the lesson. The lessons are done in video format and are about 30-40 minutes long. These videos are done just for you and they are uploaded to a private YouTube channel so that you can re-watch and enjoy learning everything that is being taught with precision.

$140 Heart of Appreciation

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Residential Healing & Lifestyle Training

A private live-in intensive program, this hands-on residential program provides a healing environment in which you have the opportunity to experience the results as you learn. 

The program is designed to guide and teach you the necessary healing tools to empower you with the responsibility of self-care. 

What to Expect: 

*Consultation - A necessity for evaluating the body’s conditions. We are experienced to target physical/structural and energetic conditions the body is showing that need to be addressed. 

*7 Sages Workbook - A folder of personalized information, daily progression logs, and handouts 

*Room & Board - A comfortable room with bedding and towels provided *Meals- Meals prepared with love and according to the individuals needs (meals are optional)

*Personalized Therapies: Taoist Healing Session(s) customized to individual treatment, Access to Daily Group Classes offered here. 


You will experience noticeable results and gain confidence to apply what you have learned to create a healing lifestyle in your own home environment. The process continues even after your stay. The program does not end when you leave because you will have access to coaching support after you get home through phonecalls, emails or video. 

Prices will vary based upon number of people staying and season. 

*Travel Expenses Not Included* 

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