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Taoist Five Thunder Magical Alchemy Spiritual Obstruction Neutralizing Treatment and Ceremony



This Taoist ceremony involves the channeling of the preheaven powers and the deploying of the five thunder magical powers by using the secret art of FU Talisman which communicates with the ancient preheaven powers we call it the TAO. With the three primary forces of creation, we can reverse the order of nature and restructure the spiritual energy body of living beings to correct, realign and rejuvenate the force of life within the patient who believes and trusts in the TAO we represent. This is not an ordinary “healing” like most others promote out there. This is a sacred ritual that channels a source of power that is out-of-this-world, to help you neutralize any spiritual threats, obstructions, and negative forces which could be the actual cause of your “sickness” and discomfort. Even with modern science there are many things that are not yet understood and so they get vaguely categorized into meaningless words such as “stress” and “just a bad day” etc. However, the wisdom of our TAO teaches us and has proven to us that there are actually many unseen forces which can only be overpowered and neutralized by a force that is more preheaven than the harming force. In short, it can only be dealt with by a higher power that is beyond human. This ceremony channels in this power that can provide you the light, power and help that you need which is not commonly seen.

Flow of the Ceremony

1. Diagnosis 

First time diagnosis is required before we can start to plan and prepare for your actual treatment. This will be a 1hr (or about) face-to-face session which allows us to understand your situation, diagnose your energy field, and have you connect to the higher powers at our altar which sets an opening to the case and allows us to prepare the things required for the actual ceremony. 

Cost- $180

2. Ceremony and Treatment

The actual ceremony will begin after our prep work is completed. Ceremony will be held at the altar with the patient present on location or be done by distance if needed. The ceremony will begin by connecting and channeling the powers down to the altar, invoking all the higher powers, and submitting the request of help for the higher power to flow down its essence to the altar. After that, the sifu(s) will be drawing up the powers from the altar to the FU talismans, and “cook up” the magical FUs.

Following this prep work, the patient will be consuming the FU water and be worked on with many different magical methods and treatments which will help the patient to remove the negative powers and neutralize the threats that are biting onto their spiritual body. At the end, there will be magical powers deployed onto the patient for protection and to prevent the negative energies from re-entering again.

At the end, we will cleanse and purify the energy body of the patient and give them FU to carry to ensure everything is good.

There will be cases that we will need to also book an appointment for the on-location work at the patient’s house in order to exorcise the evil and negative powers at home, restructure the fung shui dragon energy alignment, purifying and cleansing the energy inside the house, and adding protection and security seals to the different locations of the house.

At altar treatment cost - $708

On location cost - $2289

3. Planning ahead 

Patient will be observed for their progress. If the ceremony exceeds a certain amount of times and the problem is not yet close to being resolved, that means most likely they will need to go for a more longer-term restructuring and correction treatment, which is offered by the 7J lineage, and that means that the patient will have to "enter the door" into the lineage and start learning to have the actual problem to be fixed.

Become a 7J Dai Jee - $257

What is Taoist Magical Alchemy

The easiest way to explain Taoist magical alchemy is to look at our altar like a “pot” that cooks up the medicine, like a pill, which is to be consumed by the patient later. It is, and it was, always a metaphor, and not as literal as most think. 

The ingredients of this “pill” or “medicine” consist of the different powers that are to be channeled in from the preheaven realms and also the postheaven elements which are to be input by the human side. With different energies and powers mixing in this “pot”, and continuous cultivating, cooking, and creating of this “medicine”, the finalized power is born and it sits inside the altar awaiting for the final ceremony with the patient present in front of the altar. Then, this medicine is taken out of the “pot” and carried by the FU talisman. The FU talisman is then burned and made into FU water for the patient to drink and consume. This "medicine" is specially created for the patient after days or even weeks of farming and gathering resources in the preheaven dimensions that are beyond the reach of an ordinary human being. 

You will not be consuming any physical “pill” or “medicine” because the Taoist magic alchemy is all done by using the preheaven energies and not related to any “herbal” or physical ingredients like in the hoax we are typically presented. It is a safe, yet hard to cultivate method, because it involves even more time, energy and resources compared to just cooking up some herbal tea or pills. Before your treatment and ceremony begin, there will already be days or even weeks of work to be done to create that “medicine” for you. Taoist alchemy is a seriously time consuming and demanding ritual, which is very effective for many problems that the ordinary methods cannot deal with. 

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Taoist House Cleansing Ceremony / Fung Shui

The removal of any kind of spiritual energies that are blocking the flow of the natural energy circulation of your house. Most people have heard of Fung Shui which is actually about seeing, sensing, and working with and clearing the blockages in the channels between the 9 Stars or dimensions so that the energy in your living or workplace flow smoothly.

Just like on the physical level your house will get dusty, cluttered and messy, your house will also get “dirty” due to the venting of emotions and feelings. As these energies accumulate in the house those feelings can build up and greatly affect our lives. These can manifest in ways like sudden outbursts of anger for no apparent reason which could lead to breakups in relationships or strained relationships between parents and children and poor health.  In our lineage we talk about the Faat Sum, or Energy Heart, which gives off feelings and makes us think. You can relate this feeling to what you would call your “gut instinct/feeling”. This can do you a lot of good or harm depending how energetically healthy it is. This heart senses the energies around you, to include your house and workplace. If your house is clogged with all these vented energies your Faat Sum will be acting weird due to soaking in all these energies which will affect your thinking, emotions, the way you talk, act and your overall health and well-being.

The Taoist House Cleansing Ceremony, or Chut Saat, will help to reset the energy flow of the house and clear away these obstacles and stuck energy pollution from your house so that you can start to feel, think and live better.

Home cost - $2298

Workplace cost - $3339

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Private Lesson

If you really want to feel the best you've felt in years, and you want personalized instruction, structure and motivation then schedule now for your private lesson.

If you've been wanting to begin, but you're anxious to attend a class or get a healing treatment, this is the option for you. All you have to do is let us know what is going on physically and/or emotionally, and we can work with you privately.

Private sessions allow for individualized training as well as opportunities for personalized feedback and questions. Private sessions are scheduled by appointment and either one of us is available to teach the lesson. The lessons are done in video format and are about 30-40 minutes long. These videos are done just for you and they are uploaded to a private YouTube channel so that you can re-watch and enjoy learning everything that is being taught with precision.

$140 Heart of Appreciation

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