What is a FU?


LING FU 靈符 (a.k.a. Talisman) is a “language that communicates with the sky”. The sky for every lineage is different, just like the boss of every company is different.  

The FU itself is like a ticket, which allows us to request help from the source that we connect to, which is our “sky”.  The word LING for LING FU, is basically to be able to connect, and trigger a response, for the source to react and give help according to the  requests.  

In short, a FU is a ticket that submits to the source which we connect to, and asks for help. The power is then bonded and contained within the FU, and depending on the situation, it can be used by taping up, carrying,  burning, or drinking.  

FU is often called FU LU or FU LOOK (Cantonese) 符籙  meaning that the FU is in a record, the record of a lineage, for the power source to understand the “codes”. This means you can’t just copy them and expect it to work. In order for things to work, you need to be accepted as a disciple of the lineage, and be given the authority to use the FU. 

A real LING FU must be drawn by the one who is authorized by the source, with the special magical tools, such as the special brush, paper, ink, etc. These are not ordinary tools, they are consecrated tools.  

After the FU is written, there is also stamping work to be done, with the special stamp that marks the authority of the higher powers.  After this, the FU is made… but not yet ready to be used.

The FU will also need to go through a special ceremony, which requires us to invite the power to come in, and bond in the power to the FU. This ceremony not only bonds in the power to the FU, but also submits the request and asks for the approval of the FU too. If the FU fail to go through this process, then it is like a bounced check.  Once it is approved, and the ceremony is complete, we will then pack it up and ship them out to the person who requested the FU. 

The FU of our lineage connects to our source, which we call Chut Junn (7J),  and it is powerful!  Yet, the source can only help those who have heart and are really seeking help. If a person uses our FU with doubt, the heart they output will result in the amount of help get. The energy in the FU can sense your heart, and if your heart is not there, it won’t help you.