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Exclusive Training for 7J Magic and Healing


The goal of this course is to have the 7J Dai Jee be able to apply the magic power of 7J Jo Si on themselves or another person to help them to purify and cleanse the energy from daily and commonly encountered issues.

The course is broken down into 5 Sections.

1 – This stage examines commonly witnessed issues that "appear" normal, but have not been able to be addressed by western medicine. The Dai Jee will be asked to consider the events in their life that triggered their interest in this exclusive training and to recognize that many problems in life may not be as simple as originally thought or believed. 

2 –This is the stage where we begin to discuss all the tools necessary for this training and how to setup an altar. During this stage the Dai Jee will also learn to small chick items, be introduced to altar theory and how the HQ links to the Dai Jee's small altar, TAO TE theory, and learning to conclude. The Dai Jee will also begin to consume 7J FU heads from HQ and build the altar up, do their first ceremony to establish the altar at their home.

3 – This stage is all about the DOINGs of magic. Here the Dai Jee is taught how to do the daily cultivation and how to build power. The focus of this section is around doing daily upload to the altar and FU head consumption, daily JING spells, and fu head copybook.

4 – This stage is related to spending the power by doing the magic. Here the Dai Jee puts what they've learned to use by applying the teachings and deploying the magic . 

5– At this stage we conclude, review, and check over how the Dai Jee comprehends the teachings. There will be Q&A, written exams, and essays as well as demonstration of a full ceremony in front of the sifu 


Full payment is required to begin. 

Once payment is received you will be "entering the door" to 7JL and becoming a Dai Jee. Following that ceremony, an altar must be built at home for the practice and cultivation of 7J magic power. No altar, no magic. 

After the completion of this course you will have established an altar and know everything that must be done daily to power up the altar, withdraw resources from it to do work, and do full ceremonies on you own to apply magic to your daily life.


Exclusive Training in 7J Magic and Healing

In person $22,000


Online $28,000