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Chut Junn Tao Paai 七真道派

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Importance of a Martial Arts Uniform


Taoist martial arts uniforms are never just decorative clothing, they play a big role in our  cultivation.

First, why do we put on clothing? Very simple, because we need something to cover us for some reason. Maybe we are cold, maybe it makes work easier, maybe to hide something, or  maybe to pretend something. Remember how Halloween works with costumes? You pretend to be ghosts and witches, make people think you are one, because you appear like one.

Putting on a Taoist martial art uniform also does similar things. Wearing the uniform means that the lineage wraps you up and envelopes you with its wisdom and its power which will program your body’s energy output.

Not only that, but a real Taoist martial art uniform is also special because it is consecrated. This is not your own normal ordinary clothing. The uniform is connected to a source of power. You do not put on the robe as your own clothing, it’s a piece of clothing that you put on to connect and put on the power of the Tao of the lineage. Everything you do and everything  you say while the robe is on will record into the lineage’s power.

Once you put on the uniform, you are not an ordinary person anymore. That’s because you are now in the uniform and therefore your action, your speech, your everything represents the Tao, the higher powers, who have given you the connection and the power through this clothing.