Becoming a Dai Jee 弟子

Stages of Learning

Stage 0

This stage is for clients or visitors that come to inquire and observe and nothing more
Stage 1 (Moon Sung 門生) 

Students who call us Sifu and pay to learn, but are not yet part of the lineage are in this stage
Stage 2 (Dai Jee 弟子) 

Dai Jee are part of the lineage and receive a name that connects them to the lineage and lineage power. At this stage the cultivation will be filled with the "guts" of the teaching instead of just doing the forms (physical copying) like in the Moon Sung stage.
Stage 3 (Yup Sut Dai Jee 入室弟子) 

Yup Sut Dai Jee are disciples with greater permissions and access to deeper teachings. These disciples also help to teach and handle the new students

Happy Hearts, Open Hearts

As you can see from the picture above we are a jolly bunch. That's the best way to learn. Be Happy. Be Funny. Enjoy your life. 

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The amount you are paying is not for the ceremony. It is an offering for the lineage to accept you. It is done from the heart to show your desire to be accepted as a disciple in the 7J lineage.