Becoming a 7J Dai Jee 弟子

When you become a 7J Dai Jee you "enter the door", yup moon 入門, this is an important step because you are bonding yourself to the source that we connect to (7J), for that source to contain you and give you the potentials, guidance and powers that you need to bring you a better future.

The source that attracts you might be different than the source that attracts another.  Which is better for you?  You should ask yourself, and not others. Following others is not always a good choice. When you enjoy the content of 7J, does it make sense to you, does it click with you, and do you feel this is something you want to learn?  If you like it, then it means this path could be a path for you!  Not everyone fits as a disciple of 7J, but if you are one of the fortunate ones, then you can consider giving yourself a chance.

Once you have picked this source as a good fit for you, then you can request to "enter the door" and become a Dai Jee 弟子 of the lineage. Following that, you will be given an identity along with a unique name, which allows you to be learning under the lineage, and inheriting the powers and wisdom from the source that the lineage connects to.

Your identity changes from an ordinary person to being a Dai Jee 弟子 of 7J. This will be a big change for you, and it means you are no longer fighting through the hurdles in your life  alone. The lights of 7J will shine before you, and show you the way to make life better. It’s a big deal, and that’s why it should be taken  seriously.



There are no requirements for this stage, once you have decided that you would like to become a Dai Jee 弟子. Because we offer lessons not just in person but through video and written teachings as well,  anyone anywhere in the world can join regardless of backgrounds and age. You are also free to quit at any time, upon a simple email of withdrawal request. (*No refund)

The amount you pay for "entering the door" is not for the ceremony. It is an offering for the lineage to accept you. It is done from the heart, to show your desire to be accepted as a disciple in the lineage.

After the payment is complete, send in your info to

Information required - full name, sex, date of birth, photo of  yourself (NEW, and taken FOR this matter, phone selfie is fine as long as visible and reasonable), full shipping address. DO NOT send in excessive information, keep it simple and short.

Enter the Door

What's the Difference between disciple & Student?


What's the difference?

If you are a student you are a person studying at a school under the  instruction of teacher(s). In a school system, you are paying for the  teaching. Upon completion of the course or class you no longer pay, you  are not a student anymore.

If you are a club member there is also a payment. The membership entitles you to receive certain services.

Being a disciple is a lifetime relationship. There is no entitlement  or set fees because it is not a school system or other organization, it's a lineage, LIKE a family. You are a disciple because of the heart connection. As long as your heart is bonded it doesn't matter if you are  rich or poor (or whatever condition) you are still a disciple, a part of the lineage and there is natural cycle of giving back by using $ to  support the lineage and SiFus.

In this lineage, you are a Dai Jee of 7J. The 7J  power envelopes everything. It is something you can rely on for your life. It shines a light on your path, guiding you toward a brighter  future, a new destiny. The lineage functions LIKE a family, inheriting from the TAO and DOWN the LINE. As a Dai Jee of 7J, you  must recognize your position in the lineage as the Lower. Because of this and PURE heart and CLEAR intention, the Upper(s) can inherit the  essence to the Lower (disciples). The disciple’s role is to always learn, and grow, and always try their best to become a good disciple, inheriting the wisdom of the TAO...not as a student or a client, but as a  Dai Jee 弟子 in the lineage.

Know your role and blossom into a better life!