7 Sages Taoist Arts

Chut Junn Tao Paai 七真道派 

About Us


The 7 Stars (7 Sages) are what shape reality; the ability to bring what your potential holds into reality and into being able to be what you should be. It’s not as easy as it seems and it is where most people lack in this life. Most people fail to output from 1 to 7 in life. Their thinking and action is not aligned. Just having ideas is not real and just action without meaning is not real either. The Taoist Martial Arts and the Taoist Healing Treatments here at 7 Sages make you push out your potentials so you can be what you want to be.

  • Star #1 Where your potential sits
  • Star #2 Attracts and absorbs potential
  • Star #3 Converts potential to inspiration
  • Star #4 Ignites the process from energy to physicality
  • Star #5 Heart lights up and inner power builds
  • Star #6 Thoughts become plans
  • Star #7 Plans come into the physical world

Palmer, Alaska

We're located just 10 minutes North of Downtown Palmer. 

7250 N. Evergreen St.

Palmer, Alaska 99645


What We Do

Taoist Healing Treatment

These sessions are personalized and performed by both of us together.

They utilize techniques both on and off the body that give energy where it is needed and/or remove blockages at the deepest level. 

What to expect: 

  • Consultation - A necessity for evaluating the body’s conditions.  We are experienced at identifying physical/structural and energetic conditions the body is showing that need to be addressed.
  • Personalized Therapies: Energy work, physical movement and breathwork customized to individual treatment.


Taoist Martial Arts

Each person is unique. As Sifu it is our responsibility to recognize and cultivate each person by teaching them according to their talents and characteristics. 

Why learn the forms of Taoist Martial Arts? A form is a container. A container for the invisible force that can teach you a new approach, a new pattern or way of thinking that can teach you and change you. Kung Fu is often referred to as a "bridge" it is a bridge from who you are to who you are meant to be.

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Seven Sages

7250 N Evergreen St., Palmer, AK 99645

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