Welcome to the Taoist temple in Alaska that offers you the best and exclusive trainings for internal Taoist arts such as kungfu, chi kung, and even Taoist Magic! With the superb natural scenery and fresh air that only Alaska offers, you wont believe how great it is to train in our location! Come in or book an appointment to check us out and start learning to improve your life!

Taoist Arts

Healing Arts


We offer treatments and ceremonies that involve 

the channeling of the preheaven powers and the use of the secret art of  FU Talisman to communicate with ancient preheaven powers we call the TAO. With the three primary forces of creation, we can reverse the order of nature and restructure the spiritual energy body of  living beings to correct, realign and rejuvenate the force of life within the patient who believes and trusts in the TAO we represent. 

These ceremonies are not an ordinary “healing” like most others promote out there. This is a sacred ritual that channels a source of power that is out-of-this-world, to help you neutralize any spiritual threats,  obstructions, and negative forces which could be the actual cause of  your “sickness” and discomfort. Even with modern science there are many things that are not yet understood and so they get vaguely categorized into meaningless words such as “stress” and “just a bad day” etc.  However, the wisdom of our TAO teaches us and has proven to us that there are actually many unseen forces which can only be overpowered and neutralized by a force that is more preheaven than the harming force. In short, it can only be dealt with by a higher power that is beyond  human. 


Chi Kung


Each person is unique. As Sifu it is our responsibility to recognize and cultivate each person by teaching them according to their talents and characteristics. 

Why learn the forms of Taoist Martial Arts? A form is a container. A container for the invisible force that can teach you a new approach, a new pattern or way of thinking that can teach you and change you for a better life.

Real Life Exorcist Story

Enter the Door

Chut Junn Tao Paai is a Taoist Lineage that teaches Taoist Arts

Here are some of the BENEFITS of learning here:

  • Make your life better
  • Recover & Preserve your health
  • Get energized
  • Feel happy
  • Strengthen your physical AND energetic body
  • Align your thoughts and actions

Why is it IMPORTANT to come here and learn 

and not just learn a form and go home and practice on your own? 

Because every time you come, Jick Sifu will correct you if anything is going wrong and will "inject" you with the energy to give your practice the fuel that actually helps you to improve and get the benefits from your practice. 

Every time you're here he outputs for you - and that is why it works - because of your connection to him. 

If you just do this at home without a sifu, nothing outputs to you. That is why you come here to the Goon and get your fuel topped off. 


In order to learn here, you must "enter the door" and become a Dai Jee.

Where are we located?

Just 10 minutes north of Downtown Palmer

7 Sages Taoist Arts

7250 N Evergreen St., Palmer, AK 99645

(907) 231-7733




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